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Certainly,   it means Community Sponsored Agriculture!

The ideas that formed the first two American CSAs were articulated in the 1920s by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), and then actively cultivated in post-WW II Europe in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. The modern CSA originated in Japan.  In 1971, Teruo Ichiraku (1906–1994), a philosopher and a leader of agricultural cooperatives, alerted consumers to the dangers of the chemicals used in agriculture and set off the movement for an organic agriculture.

Fortunately, for residents of New Mexico, Thomas Swendson moved to New Mexico from Colorado in 2010 and spent the next decade learning a uniquely New Mexico background in food systems. In 2019 he took over ownership of the oldest CSA in the state, Beneficial Farms, established in 1994.  "New Mexico Harvest is my commitment to carry on the traditions and history our community has with its farmers and see it last beyond our generation’s time. We have all had a different journey that brought us together, and through the food of our land we are united."   - Thomas Swendson

Following in the Footsteps of Thomas, the Mushroom Fam, while being one of NM Harvest's Farmer Providers, the Mushroom Fam is offering a Mushroom CSA, also.    

Also,  means Conscious  Sustainability Alternative!

Conscious: aware of and responding to one's surroundings; awake.

 Sustainability: meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. In addition to natural resources, we also need social and economic resources.

CSA is absolutely a Conscious Sustainability Alternative!

Also,  means COVID Safe Access!

 for residents of New Mexico, with 97%  of our Agriculture being shipped out of State, and 95% of Farm Produce sold in NM stores is Imported from out of state, several things are improved.  

  • CSA Farm to Table is much less handled both in distribution and at point of sale. More Covid Safe!
  • CSA Farm to Table allows for Fresher Produce rather than Produce for Export. 
  • CSA Farm to Table - Fresher Produce means more nutritious rather than Produce for Export. 
  • CSA provides a greater value, profits shared more directly with the farmer, rather than including distributors, truckers, and stores as partners in the food chain.

Also,  means Computer Shopping Always!

Who could ever imagined that shopping would begin and end with eBay and Amazon?  Computer shopping is COVID safe, and certainly convenient. A Global Pandemic was required to transform antiquated Farm to Distributor to Store to Consumer, to the CSA Farm to Table, more efficient, more nutritious and more sustainable.  NOW is the time to Discover CSA!

Also,  means Caring Sharing Awards!

Caring: the work or practice of looking after those unable to care for themselves, especially sick and elderly people. Caring applies also to the environment, for all of life and future generations,

Sharing: Imagine what the world would look like if we trusted more people! If we opened up more to others, they would likely do the same with us. Sharing gives us the opportunity to shed some of our suspicions of people. It's a great way to extinguish our doubt about what's good in the world. It is the joy people sharing feel when we see the happiness we have brought someone else. Not only does sharing bring us joy, it teaches us the importance of taking care of others. 

Awards: While the value of our CSA's speak for themselves, as you share the concept, Discover CSA offers 5% referral reward to anyone, sharing the information of our CSA with others if it leads to a purchase. Sharing the concept with others a member shall receive a discount and with 20 other people will earn you a FREE share

Also,  means Continual Solutions Absolutely!

We are all confronted by challenges in many areas of life, a constant, socially and environmentally solution bridging farmers to consumers, is an idea whose time has come. Generations in the future, will only know the Community Sponsored Agriculture solutions, and wonder why a Commercialized System Agriculture, treating consumers and producers less than they deserved could have ever existed? 

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